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The Women in IT Mentoring Program is an exciting 1-year pilot program that aims to expose girls to the most versatile and fastest growing industry in the world and empower them to take a more active approach to their goals and dreams.














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“The answers are out there: give girls role models, teach them the skills they will need, encourage them, and show them that tech careers will help change the world for the better. By 2030, women can, and will, be critical to leveraging this revolution to benefit our global society”


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What Program Participants Have to Say

This program will provide them with a networking community of support to which they can call on and teach them how to recognize and realize that they possess all the strength and skills they need to progress.

Youth can Do IT diminishes doubt in your creative self………

“The Worst enemy to creativity, is self-doubt”- Sylvia Plath : Amanda Johnson

My experience so far in the YCDI Women in I.T Mentoring program has been…

Testimonial: Isheba Cornwall

For me, Youth Can Do It is simply revolutionary. A Caribbean organization…

Testimonial: Danielle Mullings

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Pressed for Words, WordPress Pitch : Danielle Mullings

It was three months since we were introduced to WordPress and surely enough the presentation day finally arrived. Our first ever workshop was an introduction to WordPress and now here we are presenting our sites. Can you imagine? Time sure flies! I must say, I did not know the power of WordPress before being introduced to […]

“Let us grow with technology “- Amanda Johnson

Technology is an industry that is growing by the minute……..

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