For me, Youth Can Do It is simply revolutionary. A Caribbean organization that is dedicated to increasing the competence of our youth in technological and personal arenas, is much needed in this hemisphere of the world. Therefore when I saw the opportunity to be apart of their Women in ICT Mentorship program, I knew I had to take it. I also had a prior positive experience with the YCDI Website building workshop in 2016.

Our first event was the WordPress workshop. I found my experience at this event (which will be detailed in another post) to be a clear indication that the Women In ICT Mentorship Program paves an avenue for our youth to analyze who they are in their current settings and forge new pathways to achieve their idea of who they want to be. I also then spent a copious amount of time editing my blog afterwards. This is the type of love and access to technological advancement that this program and by extension, YCDI instills in all its members.

Lastly, one of the features I appreciate most about this program is the ability to exponentially increase your network. I get the chance to interact with 31 girls all from different backgrounds in Jamaica therefore building my holistic perspective on life. Not only do I get to interact with teens my age, but also with my fantastic mentor who always checks on me. Joining this program is definitely a blessing that I did not know I would enjoy so much.

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