My name is Anne Laurence Felix. I am 24 years old and I am from Port au Prince, Haïti. I am a student of the Ayitic Goes Global training program, an initiative of LACNIC and of the CRDI. This program aims to make it easier for Haitian women to gain employment by strengthening their digital capacities. Today, I feel honored for this opportunity to share my story regarding the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the Ayitic/LACNIC & CRDI program.

One day, I was surfing the internet when I saw a post on Facebook announcing this training opportunity. I then submitted my application, was later selected for an interview, and finally I learned that it all worked out! I was so happy to be accepted!

Before this training program, I would generally inform myself about the ICTs. For example, I knew that the internet was useful for communicating with classmates and doing research for our academic projects. However, I had no profound knowledge of the other aspects that are really important, such as the risk of malicious software, the risk of weak password selection, and the risk of unsecured websites as well as concepts like the World Wide Web, internet protocol address, browser, links and cryptography to name a few. From participating in this program, I have learnt the meaning of all these concepts and more.

Haiti, the country where I live in is a beautiful tropical island that has many issues. However, during this program I have also learned that we can use technology to bring about social and economic change to our communities. It is an extraordinary experience!

My passion for Information Technology now grows bigger and bigger everyday. Therefore, I encourage young people and especially young girls, to pursue studies in this field because it can bring about fundamental changes to their lives. My dream is to meet others in the field in order to learn more from one another, as well as I wish to offer my knowledge to serve girls and women in vulnerable situations around the world; especially in Haiti.