Written by: Danielle Mullings (Mentee) and Raquel Seville (Mentor)

Left Raquel Seville, Danielle Mullings Mentor and Mentee

I sat down with my mentor at our favourite lunch spot, Brew’d Awakenings. I have been curious about her field of work – Business Intelligence so we collaborated to put together this overview of B.I.

So what is Business Intelligence?

“Business Intelligence takes the guess work out of decision making.” – Raquel Seville

It’s a fancy way of referring to the goal of getting actionable insights from company data. Essentially, the data should support some kind of decision making in the end. This type of intelligence helps persons to make decisions that are supported by fact and not fiction. Would you rather make an informed decision based on hard figures or one that is based on feeling?

“Better decisions = Better quality products and services.” – Raquel Seville

Making decisions based on actual findings would effectively allow manufacturers to improve their marketing agendas and make better more useful and cost effective products. A company of note mentioned by Raquel was Digicel.

“A lot of the initiatives that they are able to push is due to analysis of customer trends and target customers. This impacts how you market to them and how to appeal to a certain demographic.” – Raquel Seville

Business Intelligence tools vary widely and as such have a very broad spectrum. There are data specific tools , process specific tools , database repository tools and finally presentation tools. Presentation tools remain the most popular aspect of business intelligence. I think this may be due to it being used as the main connector to the stakeholders.

Examples of BI Tools

For anyone who may be interested in business intelligence I hope this helps to debunk it!

This may be your future job area. Who knows?