The Youth Can Do IT Women in IT Mentoring program adds to the growth of young women as not only individuals more versed in IT but as forward thinking creatives.

On our first  meet up on May 19, 2018 when I stepped into the Digicel Play Lab for my content creators workshop. I didn’t expect the amount of growth that would take place. From the very beginning we were challenged to really think in depth

What is your Background?

Who are you? 

What is your future? 

I mean these questions really evoked serious thought in me. The question that stood out the most to me was 

What is your future? 

The first thing that came to mind was, I want to be a Doctor of Nursing, Legal Advisor and a Financial Advisor. What was so great about these careers though,What could I do to possibly impact Jamaica and possibly the world other than having a regular nine to five job? My epiphany occurred when it came time to build our website. I had vastly different ideas and with the help of my facilitator narrowed it down to one. I created Outreach Outlet, a community service Liaison for students in Kingston and St Andrew and hopefully in the future the rest of Jamaica. I had thought for so long about creating a community service avenue like this for so long after I was given earlier inspiration.The YCDI women in IT program gave me the platform that helped mold this creativity by asking a simple but crucial question to my development. 

#What is your Future?