Apart from waking up super late that morning (my alarm has failed me once again), I managed to catch the strength session just in time for the introductions. It was truly an awesome feeling being there and the energy was just filled with  positivity making me feel more confident.

Lianne took the floor and explained what we were going to do for the day. She pointed out two scenarios. The first in which the focus was on our strengths and improving them to get better results which is much better than the second which is putting a lot of focus on weakness and getting little results. Thanks for highlighting that Lianne as I normally find myself spending too much time on improving my weaknesses. I really did appreciate the strength session as it helped me to figure out just who Abygayle Ivey really is.

The question “tell me about yourself” is no longer puzzling or gives me an anxiety attack because I can now clearly say who Abygayle Ivey is . It was also a wonderful experience learning about what the other mentees and mentors signature themes were. I managed to engage in several conversations with others wherein which I asked them about their themes which were different from mine. We however shared similar comments as to how we shocked we were about the accuracy of the strength test. And honestly it was lowkey creepy – A test could give an accurate description of me in a few minutes pointing out things that I’ve been trying to know for 18 years. My top 5 signature themes are :

1. Restorative





 These themes were broken down into further details and best believe it has Abygayle Ivey written all over it.

I really appreciate and must laud Lianne and her team for hosting this strength session as the person I left the sessions as was truly a different, or should I say more aware, person than the person who entered.
I can’t wait for another meet up!

I am a arranger who loves to compete especially by gathering unique ideas and new information /inputs.