Women in Technology: Tanisha Tapper

The Women in Technology initiative is geared towards exposing women to technology. This initiative also aims to encourage women to pursue careers in technology.

“The process of increasing the technical and entrepreneurial capacity to inspire women to innovate, share wisdom and have a voice within the industry” (Girls in Tech). As such, technology has the power to bring individuals together, thereby creating a global village.

The women in technology initiative is seen in the Youth Can Do I.T. youth empowerment organization founded by Lianne McNaughton. YCDI uses technology and strengths based initiatives to develop and empower Jamaica’s youth.

The one year pilot program, YCDI Women in IT Mentoring Program aims to expose girls to the most versatile and fastest growing industry in the world and empower them to take a more active approach to their goals and dreams. This program has provided mentees with a networking community of support. The program encourages us to recognize and realize our strengths and skills instead of focusing on our weaknesses.

The program has also given us the ability to use our voices through our own personal blogs created via WordPress.org. Lianne has not only shared her passion for technology and empowerment, but she is always bursting with energy and always  illuminates the room with her joyful mood. Lianne has taught us so much, especially about harnessing our potentials and dreams and at every meet-up there is something creative, fun and eye-opening to do. It really gets you thinking about life and your personal goals!

Every YCDI Women in Tech workshop gives so much insight on the changing technology world, life lessons and most of all interactions. Not to mention, the encouragement and motivation we receive, allows us to take on the world, especially in a room of intelligent, passionate women in technology.



Tanisha Tapper,


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