It’s crazy how a lot of us females are quick to cast judgments on other females. With the use of social media a lot of us troll other females, throw ‘shade’ at each other, repost negative things about others, make a bad comment about another female; just to name a few. Instead of doing these things why don’t we compliment another girl or say something positive about her? Why don’t we post inspiring words to make each other feel better or motivated towards something? Let’s use social media for good!

We shouldn’t be quick to ruin another female’s reputation or make her feel bad about herself just to be considered social media ‘popular’. Instead be social media popular by posting positive things that others can look at and say these are great words of encouragement or this is something to live by. Let’s start working towards female mobility and helping each other move upward because we are the future.

And remember behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who have her back.

With that said……who run the world? GIRLS !