I don’t experience genuine instant connections often. However, my first encounter/interaction with my mentor, Patrice Johnson, was just that. Known to some as Head of Business Solutions and Managed Services at Digicel Jamaica, to me she is a comforter, guider, encourager, grinder and #BOSSLADY . I could not have asked for a better woman to emulate and learn from over the duration of the YCDI Women In Tech Mentoring Program. In fact, I am confident that the fruits and continuation of our bond will far extend this one year tenure.

Patrice Johnson – My Mentor

I write this poem as a tribute and toast to the woman I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past three months, and will have the pleasure of knowing for years to come. Thank you Youth Can Do IT, for facilitating the experience of a lifetime.


“It wasn’t easy, but you overcome daily.

Your success and survival a living testament to the strength of a woman.

With the many hats, or should I say crowns, you wear,

you still manage to maintain a rich presence in each and every sphere.

..and like the true definition of a queen, you lead (reign rather) with poise and integrity.

You enter no realm, without plans of leaving it transformed.


Possessing a touch like Midas, the power of your hands know no bounds. Your influence over my life, proving this argument sound.

Blessed am I, because our paths have crossed.

No turning back now, cheers to forever…
Forever an inspiration, onwards we go..


Here are some photos of our time together:

This was our very first meeting. As you can see, we were deep in conversation and all smiles after only a few minutes of interacting. One of my dearest friends and fellow mentee, Chinelle Miller, saw us interacting and expressed that we are a perfect match… I could not agree more!

In the month of June, I had the pleasure of working only a 3 minute walk away from her. Patrice visited me at my office at the time, and we had a heartfelt conversation over lunch. The more I learn about this woman, the more amazed I am at her strength and ability to heal and overcome with grace and class.

In times when I feel tired or demotivated, I think about this queen of a woman, where she has been, and the success she has and continues to achieve.

Feel free to leave a comment my dear fellow mentees! Let me know what your favourite things about your mentor are.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute To A Queen – Patrice Johnson: My Mentor and Newfound Inspiration. : Juleen Gentles

  1. Awww, I love this Juleen !
    What I love about my mentor, is that she always helps me to find solutions for a problem I may have, caring and supportive. <3

  2. Juleeeeennnnn, why you making me cry….. Good Day my fabulous supergirls of Womenintech. I must take this opportunity to pay homage to theeeee most perfect mentee I have ever had the privilege of meeting -Juleen Gentles. Matter of fact t’was beyond a meeting, was more like a “serendipitous encounter”.. She is a priceless gem to behold and her demeanor and self values are much to be desired by many. I’ve often told her that if I had a daughter I would want her to be EXACTLY like her. I was heart broken when I missed the chance to see her final presentation at NCB due to an exam but i know as always she did me proud. She’s not just a cute face, hot bod and brains. Her spirit is also deeply anointed with heavenly virtues. This is a rare quality seen in today’s society which is why I’m so proud of not just her but all you ladies who stand out despite the ills meted out to your generation. I am constantly captivated with the indelible knowledge I garner from her, as she inspires me as well to keep striving and aiming for the highest level of self development and career growth. Gentle Juleen keep shining. Continue making me proud and thanks for your prolific thoughts and deeds. I’m forever grateful. Most of all, never forget to follow your passion. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” – Matt 5:16. .. Love always and and I’ll keep seeing you amongst the stars. #Muahhhhh#

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