“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”- Gallup Strength Finder Report

The are disparities regarding how we both encountered the “Tech World”, however our interests far outweighs these disparities as we both fell in love with Information Technology (I.T.) and are propelled towards data communications.  Information is always being passed on from one point to another and because of the dynamics we feel it a necessity to make this transfer more efficient and more effective in the industry. Subsequently, the exposure we are blessed with being apart of this program has been beyond fantastic!

Myself (Nyyokie) and Chesine believe that I.T. should be like a third language for every individual since we have been developing in a highly technological world. For me (Nyyokie), data communications is the means to an end, because without it, the world would be pretty much pieces of lands separated by bodies of water. Therefore, what I am being taught in the Women in I.C.T. Mentoring Program, will help me to expand my skills and help grow my passion for tech.

I (Chesine) sees data communications as a platform to exchange information from point to point . Well do I use regularly?-No, but since the program I’ve been encouraged to utilize the different platforms to help improve the way in which I communicate in all aspects of my life . Web designing is something I’ve always had an eye for but just didn’t know how to to it . Well now I have no excuse because thanks to Lianne McNaughton I have learnt through WordPress how create and manage a website .

This program has been amazing thus far and I’m looking forward to what we’ll do in the future. Thus far, this program has helped me channel my positive energy and passion in the right direction. It will also help to improve my business via data communications and web page designing . Thanks Lianne and continue being an inspiration for youths all over the world!