Saturday was a very fulfilling as I attended another YCDI mentorship programme meetup and what made even better was that I got to meet my mentor for the first time! I always enjoy being surrounded in a YCDI environment, the energy , the vibe is so positive.

We got to meet the CEO of Quality Works, Stacy Kirks , who’s such a wonderful person. One of her lines sticked with me “use your fear as your fuel” . I really appreciated that she touched on the fact that females tend to let fear stop them from doing something. Which is true , as I experience this a lot of times. Sometimes I feel too scared of getting it wrong but Ms.Kirk explained to us , it’s okay , we’re going to make mistakes but we should learn from them and try again until we get it right. It truly motivated me even more as an individual and I will remember that the next time I’m feeling scared to execute a wonderful idea.

Caryl Ford then took the show with the first presentation on user experience , it was actually a reminder session for me as I actually learnt about this in my digital media class. However it was a good reminder that our website is about what’s best for our users and not necessarily ours because “it’s my website and I can do whatever I want with it.” I also appreciated the topic on colour theory , which is actually my weakest area in design , I just never seem to get the colours right ….

Chris then reminded me of how creepy google is. He presented on Analytics , I was so intrigued as to what he said. It’s amazing how google uses our data to enhance their services and make it easier for users. I honestly never knew it was that deep. Now I can also keep track of my website as Chris helped us to set up google data analytics accounts, thank you Chris.

Later on , the mentees started to present on their website . Congrats to Amanda for getting first place , your website ‘Outreach outlet’ was absolutely fabulous. Even our timer who was very serious about her job , lost track of time when you presented your website.

I appreciated being able to share my website ‘Challenge the Culture’ to my YCDI family. Something I’m truly passionate about and will continue after the duration of the this programme. I believe in viewing situations at different perspectives, erasing the normalization of acts aren’t right such as gender inequality and breaking the barrier of that men can’t be abused or raped. Also , many other touchy topics such as rape culture and sexual harassment. Stay tuned to my website for real stories highlighting these issues.

After the meetup ended , I left feeling truly motivated as I always do after every YCDI meetups I’ve attended. I can’t wait for the other meetups!

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