We are now living in the technological era where our economy is based on information computerization. This technology is taking over our homes, the workplace and evidently now our schools. Technology changes the way students think, their behavior towards work on a whole and this can and will work to the teacher’s advantage.

Technology is vital in schools. There is a certain depth of understanding that a student has when interactive simulations are presented, oppose to that of the ‘chalk and talk’ concept that we are use to. An example of this is a teacher using a projector to explain a topic/ concept which is more easy and understandable than just speaking and waving their arms. Because of the internet, students are now able to access the same tools (information) as their teachers and they can learn/ study at their own pace in the comfort of even their home.

From student to WORK PLACE READY! Complete Mobility will definitely be the next great movement in the workplace. Having the technology present in school will help students to better understand it and be able to manipulate it in any way they’d like; and so these students will adapt to using this new technology in their future jobs. What some teachers or individuals born in the old time days (Generation X – NOT Tech Savvy) fail to understand is that Technology goes beyond digital literacy. It promotes workplace skills such as: Critical thinking, Independence research and cross- technology proficiency.


Technology doesn’t work to just the students’ advantage but also to all the members within the school community including the administrative staff. Technology brings a modern edge to the schooling system in Jamaica as it allows administrators, teachers, parents and the students to be able to have a closer interaction with one another as it relates to all things pertaining to a specific institution. With websites such as ‘Renweb’, which is also a database system, teachers along with students and parents are allowed to become engaged in their student’s or child’s learning process. Important information such as Homework, Reports, Teachers comments and Disciplinary misconduct can be found on this website once a child is logged in. This is a huge win- win situation for all parties.


Last but certainly not least, Technology is the backbone for Scientific Research. This is a huge advantage for students from the primary school level go straight up to the tertiary level. Technology has created a dynamic innovation of E-Learning platforms for Scientific Research as I am able to learn concepts outside of classes and conveniently use the World Wide Web. As such, it has helped to change the educational system on a whole to accommodate digital devices within the learning environment. This has caused me, and other students to understand and appreciate the different topics being taught, especially in the science areas. It has sparked my interest and has caused me to want to exceed my learning abilities.     


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  1. Very important as advance technologies are very helpful in enhancing the activities in schools. It helps to bring creativity to students because the traditional ways may be abit boring for some, so interchanging with the two may be beneficial for the education sector.

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