Women are about to run Tech and the world is going to know this time.We are not to be under appreciated and overlooked any more.

As a young lady who is developing deeper understanding of tech through the YCDI women in tech mentorship program. I have learnt that women have always been underappreciated for their many achievements in the male dominated world of technology that women developed.  Women made the modernized world of Technology possible. Women such as Grace Hopper, “the mother of computing”, who helped develop the UNIVAC I computer which was the first business-oriented machine. She also postulated the idea that computer code could be written and read like language. Did also you know that the person who developed the stepping stone for the hybrid car battery was an African- American woman by the name of Anne Easley. She developed and implemented the code that would later be used to build the hybrid cars of today.

We have women in modern day society who influence us like Stacy Brown- Philpot who is the CEO OF Task rabbit that is an online and mobile marketplace that connects freelance labour with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.

We also have women like Sherrell Dorsey who started coding at the age of 14 and is now building a platform for black women in tech. She is the founder of THE Daily Tech New letter, THEPLUG.

We were the builders of technology and we are here to claim what was once our before men deemed it successful. We don’t seek to downplay what the men have done in the world of Technology.  We are however, coming to claim our part in the technological world and we have the role models who inspire our rise to prove it. It is our time. With initiatives like the Youth Can Do IT Women in Tech Mentorship Program. Our drive is maintained through our sisterhood and our mentors.


Amanda Johnson ,

YCDI Mentee, Founder of The Outreach Outlet.

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