When one first joins Youth Can Do It, you tend to think “Oh this is just about technology”.

In reality that’s…

YCDI has provided me with opportunities that I did not even see in my trajectory beforehand. One thing that I appreciate immensely is that the coordinators, ambassadors and founder herself Lianne, are in no way hesitant to share opportunities with us. I thought this program would have solely advanced my IT literacy and given me a fantastic mentor to partner with. Instead it has given me that plus tax.

We have been invited to many IT events like the SAP Code Jam coming up. These are huge opportunities to expand our network and get real world experience. We haven’t even begun to mention the fact that four of us will be able to travel to the Grace Hopper Conference in Texas this September.

Since I had interest in creating the Women in Tech Page (which you are on now 🙂 ) and how quickly I got my blog site up and running, I was given the opportunity to work on a another company’s wordpress blog. Little did I know that the owner of the company and I would share such similar interest and paths that we would work on even more initiatives together!

When I tell you I was amazed, I mean beyond belief. It seemed to have been written in the stars as now I have the option to explore other areas of interest such as writing, photography, videography,  youth empowerment and leadership etc. I found this so fascinating as I was working on my website because I loved designing it and creating it and couldn’t stop till it was perfect. YCDI noticed this strength and gave me a platform to use and develop upon it. Who would have known they were also giving me an opportunity to expand my other interests? The first thing I did was message Lianne and tell her how appreciative I was for her organization and it’s role as a gateway to opportunities.

There is a huge lesson here. Always give 100% because sometimes putting energy and effort into projects that may or may not have any immediate reward end up being a launching pad to achieve some of your more long term goals.

Chronixx said it best…

Do it for the love not for the likes

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