What do Hercules, Popeyes and Superman all have in common?

They all know their strengths! Ba dum tsss

After the YCDI Strength Finders Workshop with Lianne (a certified Gallups strength finders coach) we would all be joining the leagues of Hercules, Popeyes and Superman to also know and use our unique strengths. I remember first reading my analysis and saying…

WOAH… Show me the cameras! Who’s been watching me my entire life?

Basically, it was very accurate but it also made me wonder how could an algorithm describe key attributes of my personality so accurately. And if me answering some questions allows for this degree of accuracy as well as categorization then does this mean that personalities across the world have some degree of repeats? Lianne quickly dispelled that theory as she pointed out that even though we may have the same key strength, it may be utilized differently.

Anyway, the first aspect of the day was learning more about what Gallups itself is and Lianne in her journey to become a Gallups coach. Lianne actually can tell a lot about us (not creepy at all) from our signature strengths. She indicated that many of us try to improve ourselves by fixing our weaknesses. That strategy only allows for small incremental improvements. If one wants to see exponential results then she must try to improve how her strengths are utilized. I found this concept quite interesting. It showed me a more balanced life view in that it may be more effective to partner with those who have strengths in your weaknesses as opposed to trying to become the perfect all rounder.

Let’s take a look at my signature strengths:

Signature Strengths

  • Ideation
  • Strategy
  • Adaptability
  • Command
  • Futuristic

I always knew that my main strength was creativity / ideation. It is a skill set that I use daily and as my main selling point. I found the second strength quite fascinating. I believe strategy is a strength I have been using regularly but have never stopped to identify it as a skill. The recognition of this talent was very beneficial for me as now I can enter an interview or group project knowing that this is one facet of my talents. Command was another interesting strength in my five. Over my last year of high school as Head Girl (Ravers) I have discovered natural leadership skills and qualities that honestly surprised me. It was mind boggling to think that what took me years to discover was summed up in minutes by this strengths assessment. It’s also pretty cool that it is one of the most rare strengths worldwide. Futuristic and Adaptability did not come as a surprise.

IMG_2024 (1)-min

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  1. It still amazes me how the Gallup test was so accurate about myself. When my partner was reading the report, she said accuracy was written all over the report. Ha, I’m grateful that I got the exposure of realizing my strengths.

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