Technology is an industry that is growing by the minute. We either step up or get left behind. Everyday a new app is created that promises to give the user the best experience using their phones, tablets, computers etc.

When we create these things. We create more job opportunities or professions in the information technology field. By doing this, we give the youths the opportunity to have a chance at developing our world through Innovation.

Technology will become the booster of many economies in the future because when we promote “the growth of innovative technological companies” we promote the growth of more jobs. Many youths in Jamaica aspire to become innovators of technology but are often told that it will not bear fruit.

If we encouraged our youths to become more involved in technology we would see how beneficial it would be to the growth, of not only our youths, but our economy and country as well. This is why organizations such as Youth Can Do IT are opportunity builders and game changers. They come to innovate and nurture the creativity of our youths through technology, thus introducing the future.


Amanda Johnson

YCDI Mentee, Founder of The Outreach Outlet.

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