“Self Beleif stops Self-doubt The Theif “- Amanda Johnson ( Lol, I’m so corny)

Youth can Do IT diminishes doubt in your creative self, opens a world of creativity and belief in ventures which you didn’t know you possessed. One of the main reasons I signed up hoping to get accepted for the Youth Can Do IT Mentorship Program was because when I first met Lianne McNaughton . One of the things she said to me was

“Our program is to nurture the creative minds of youths in Jamaica.”

She spoke with such passion and sincerity about when she taught children how to animate a ball at a summer camp, how They had doubted their creativity and how she challenged their thoughts and showed them otherwise.

The Youth Can Do IT program has done the same for me. It is helping me discover my creative self .It also challenged my self-doubts in my creative ventures.

And the result you may ask? I not only started a community service network, I also won the #1 blog at our last meet up. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I literally didn’t even realize I had won when they announced it. I sat there looking confused for a second, because in my mind my presentation wasn’t the best.

Before this program if you asked me if I was creative my answer would have been a strong “NO!” If you asked me now however, I can tell you that

“It’s being nurtured by the best!”


Amanda Johnson

YCDI Mentee, Founder of The Outreach Outlet.

1 thought on ““The Worst enemy to creativity, is self-doubt”- Sylvia Plath : Amanda Johnson

  1. Great post! I loved how relatable this was and how you spoke about your improvements and reasons to join the program! I wish you had written more but I still love it

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