It was three months since we were introduced to WordPress and surely enough the presentation day finally arrived. Our first ever workshop was an introduction to WordPress and now here we are presenting our sites. Can you imagine? Time sure flies! I must say, I did not know the power of WordPress before being introduced to it. I now fully see its function as a full on website maker that specializes in blogs. Even companies like National Geographic use it. I can definitely say that I have grown significantly in the understanding and use of it as a blog creator so much so that I even work on a company’s blog as a job. Anyway, on to the presentations!
As per any YCDI event, I left feeling more empowered than I did previously and I found the pitch day to be quite enjoyable. I enjoyed listening to each of the girls presenting their craft. It was clear that a lot of us had similar intentions centered around our blogs being a source of relief and relaxation for others. I find it interesting that we all have this innate need to help others. Of all the presentations, I believe that Amanda Johnson’s Outreach Outlet really stood out to me. She seemed to have so much passion and love and that really came across in her pitch. This made her website stand out even more because it had a good meaning behind it and was a feasible and well crafted idea. Overall I placed third! I won a virtual reality headse – still trying to figure out how to use it but I am grateful nevertheless!

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  1. I agree, time really does fly. I cannot beleive it has been almost four months since we have started our websites. Thank you for your kind words and It really was amazing to see that we were all trying to make lives just a little better.

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