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YCDI Mentor Raquel Seville invited YCDI mentees to the SAP Code Jam at UTech. I am always eager and willing to go to any computer science oriented event but Raquel also happens to be my mentor so I had even more impetus to go to this event! Siobhan and I attended the event on behalf of YCDI.

After interacting with some of the participants I wondered if I was out of my depth though I suppose I should be used to attending events with a much more experienced cohort at this point. The group ranged from UTech students to professors and even one head of department. 

The event started with an introduction to SAP. It is a software company based in Germany that produces various programming and networking solutions for businesses. Their software solutions cover all aspects of running a business from human resources and payroll management to workforce planning and analytics. Essentially if you want to effectively manage your new business this is place to go. Big companies around the world use SAP software. 

Anyway, let’s get into the Code Jam.

Me getting help from Sean (a professor at UTech) and one of the heads of department.
Me getting help from Sean (a professor at UTech) and one of the heads of department.

We were taught how to set up and use SAP Hana. Hana is a data platform that you can use to manage multiple data driven aspects of your business from one space. It was quite confusing at first as I didn’t fully understand what I was doing but I followed the instructions nevertheless.

I had a clearer understanding after we finished setting it up. Essentially we had set up a Hana server that could manage the various business aspects. There was one overall system interface that would be able to control all other application interfaces whereas application interfaces can only run what is local to them. We used used sample code from git hub and had to run it by using the server to manage an application interface. We were tasked with figuring out what the code was doing and to my surprise I was the first one to do so! 

I won a flashdrive for being the first to decipher the code
I then went around helping the professors and UTech students run their applications and decipher the code.
Then it was food time! This is Siobhan, a UTech student and I getting some food. I must say this is among the best barbi-fried chicken I have ever tasted. I had to ask Raquel for the name of the restaurant.

All in all, it was a fun experience. It pushed my brain to understand a new concept and for that I am always grateful. Once again, YCDI has paved a path and created an opportunity for self growth and empowerment. Thanks YCDI!

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  1. Sounded like you had fun , really wish I was there. Thanks for posting and giving an insight as to what happened.

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