Those two weeks spent in Trinidad and Tobago was truly amazingggg , I had so much fun . A few years ago I flew with my family to Trinidad and Tobago but three weeks ago I traveled by myself for the first time ever : ). It was pretty nerve wrecking but very comforting since four other minors were with me. We were specially escorted by a representative of Caribbean Airlines , LOL it was pretty fun since we were the first to board the aircraft. The flight was ok since I slept for most of it and the food was good too. I finally arrived in Trinidad and Tobago , with all those beautiful lights ; the view was really amazinggg. Unlike boarding the aircraft we were the last to disembark and specially escorted to our guardians. The Trini accent was very alive once I step foot into the country and they talk soooooo fast oml.

The journey from the airport to The Lewis home was about half an hour , I saw so many beautiful places and yk their country is very developed especially their roads , their economy , their infrastructure just to name a few . My time spent their I was privy to visit Chaguanas , Chaguaramas , South Trinidad , North Trinidad , East Trinidad , Fun Splash in Debe , Gospel Deliverance Center in Penal , Maracas Beach , West Mall , Movie Towne , Gulf City Mall , Caribbean Nazarene College (CNC) and Trinicity Mall ( which is the the largest mall in the Caribbean). 

At Gospel Deliverance Center the Church of the Nazarene hosted CARYCAC- Caribbean Youth Congress and Camp under the theme : Mirror Who ? . It was an amazinggg experience , there were Martiniquais , El Salvadorians, Trini , Jamaican, St Lucian, Antiguans , Bajans, Grenadians and the Guyanese. We had a great mixture of the French , Spanish and English with different accents . Chapel services were spirit filled and engaging , the sessions were empowering , Quizzing was really exciting ; Congratulations to Antigua and Barbuda on their victorious win , as well congrats to Barbados and Guyana who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively . We even had pool time on most days for 4 hours :). On Saturday July 28,2018 we went to CNC for Sport’s Day and at the end of the we placed 4th but received the award for #TheLastManStanding . The joy was surreal and despite going up against five other teams that prepared 4-5 months in advance we did exceptionally well for just volunteering on the spot . #bestteamever #CARYCAC2018 . Culture Night was pretty great , with all the display of the different cultures I realized that as a Caribbean field  we aren’t that different in fact we are very much alike despite the accents and geographical regions . Every experience was indeed great and I’m truly greatful for all the experiences I had , I even tasted Churches Chicken and Royal Castle , they’re like KFC  and they taste amazinggg. 

Trinidad and Tobago is an amazing place ….. 

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