Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies. For example, we may doubt ourselves and think that we don’t deserve the successes we have / want or even think that others have far more experience and qualifications. This is actually a phenomenon which is known as the imposter syndrome and it can really put a damper on an individual.

Women are particularly susceptible to impostor syndrome and more intensely in certain professions- particularly in fields where they’re underrepresented; for example, in I.T. They may feel like they are inadequate, haven’t earned their positions, or simply aren’t good enough- even if none of that is true.

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Your successes and achievements, whether well-established or new, are real. Nobody stumbles and accidentally finds their way to the top. If you worked hard and purposefully or just happened to be that good that everything came naturally to you, then your successes are your creation and you should embrace and be proud of them. 

Remember what you have to offer the world. There is no one like you, with your perspectives and way of thinking. This means that you are special and have something unique to offer everyone. Your necessity to give something important to the world can overcome your own self-doubt. Always remember to let your passions trump your fears and propel you forward.

Remember that you were made for this and repeat it until you start to actually believe it. The truth is, you are an amazing women and the I.T. field is lucky to have such as person in it. 

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