The Heart of Gulf City Mall
The Family #NazDay2018 #CARYCAC 2018
Our Cultural Night @CARYCAC
Pool time for 3-4 hours was truly a God sent 
Maracas Beach look out , this is where we able to admire a beautiful as well as buy tamrind balls only to find out it had in alot of pepper . This pic features Jamaicans , Guyanaese and Trini  

All in all there are so many amazingg memories that I had in Trinidad from the lots of A/C , pool time to up to 4 hours , amazing crazy people , coming fourth on NazDay but actually being awarded  #TheLastManStanding ,sessions, chapel services, going to Maracas Beach and eating Bake and Shark , taking maxi Taxis that in Jamaica we call coaster bus , Cultural night where we discovered St. Lucia’s creole is actually French, Fun Splash  Crews Inn, going on the board walk , going to Gulf City Mall , Trincity Mall (Largest mall in the Caribbean), West Mall and Movie Towne but the greatest memories will be the ones where I created friendships for a lifetime with persons from El Salvador , T&T , Barbados , Grenada , Guyana , Martinique , St. Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda . Big up CARYCAC 2018 .!!!!!!!!!!!

This place was made for young people and there is a movie towne for ever part of T&T

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