The YCDI meet up that was hosted by Esirom was a blast and I actually reached early. Even though I came back to Jamaica the day before and was super tired, I decided that this meet up could not miss me. It was great to see the other mentees and our spirits just made the atmosphere had a positive vibe – as always. Our first presenter was Lauren Silvera , an 3D animator who lives in Singapore! Her background story was amazing and very informative as she discussed how she got to where she was while on a strict a budget. It made me realized that opportunities are really out there and you just have to search until you find it. She then taught us about the different types of animations , the 12 principles and an insight of how some animations were made. I have to kudos to everyone within the animation industry, their level of patience is amazing. And for those who complained about why Incredibles 2 took so long to make , please take a trip to animation class , I know your opinion will change. After her presentation, we were given a task to make a stop motion animation. I was given the task to make a grandma with clay dough, which gave me a hard time if I’m to be honest. But of course, Lauren came to save the day.

Amber Jade gave us a very inspirational talk about digital branding. The first thing that usually came to mind when I heard ‘digital branding’ was over 10k followers on Instagram and ‘popping’ pictures. However, Amber explained to us that digital branding does not have to only be on Instagram. We could create a blog , website, online portfolio showcasing our talents or something we like to do for fun. I was truly moved and now I’m currently working on my online portfolio, stay tuned. We then made a vision board about our goals , values and what do want to achieve by the end of August , the year and next year. We were also given a little homework to write how we are going to achieve these goals.

After this presentation was over , we went ahead and finished our stop motion animation. The final product can be seen in the link below!


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